NEW: 3D Body Scanning

Training hard and eating well underpin physical progress. There’s no shortcuts. No tricks. Just years of graft and attention to detail. But measuring the progress has always been a challenge – scales shift, selfies are scarcely in the same light, and getting a proper idea of your side/rear view is impossible.

That’s where 3D body scanning from Fit3D™ comes to save the day!

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Clear 3D Imaging

The space filling 3D model that is generated by the scanner shows you precisely what you look like from every angle. No cheating with the light or camera angle – just every inch of you scanned and mapped.

Data Galore

Not only do you get to see yourself in 3D, you also get to analyse you:

  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Circumference Measurements
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • Body Shape Index
  • and more!

Quality and Value

Fit3D™ has a unique global affiliation with DexaFit, which gives this 3D scanner an upper hand against the competition. The algorithms that are used to calculate bodyfat are routinely updated against calibrated data from users who have performed a DEXA scan and a Fit3D™ scan within a 1hr timeframe.

This calibration means that the scans are amazingly accurate, and fantastic value. A typical DEXA scan is ~£100 in the UK.

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