Designed to bridge the gap between personal training and large group training, my small group training programme will teach you to learn to lift effectively, eat appropriately and support you in being the best version of you.

Unleash your potential and learn to build on the fundamentals in building strength and improving your fitness. With up to a maximum of 8 people in each class, I am able to keep the focus on quality coaching which is my utmost priority.

I’m passionate about making my programme an all rounded package that supports every aspect of building a healthy active lifestyle. As part of my group, you’ll receive support both in and outside the gym. Find your new limits, no matter what your health and fitness goals my programme is designed to make you get the most out of your own personal goals.

On a Saturday, classes are team-based sessions and are purely conditioning focused. These sessions are included in all packages. These sessions are a great way of getting to know the rest of the team, and a chance to be competitive!

What’s included:

  • Weekly programming
  • Nutritional support
  • Regular cookbooks
  • Access to a private Facebook and WhatsApp group
  • Group socials
  • Weekly Facebook live with opportunity for Q&A

Monthly memberships

I understand that training is now a fundamental part of your life, just as much as it is mine and I want you to be able to create a consistency in your lifestyle as part of my small group training programme. Not only do I want you to reap all the physical rewards, but I want you to thrive off all the mental rewards too. My programme is also an educational process, where you build on sessions week in week out. Yes, I want you to look and feel good, but I want you to eat well, have fun, sleep well and be happy as part of the process too.

See my packages below

  • Platinum – £135 per month. 20 sessions per month.
  • Gold – £120 per month. 12 sessions per month.
  • Silver – £100 a month. 8 sessions per month.

*Save on average 22% per month by paying on a monthly basis. A minimum of 3 months is required to pay on a monthly basis, and all other T&C’s will be sent out on email.

8 week blocks

After 30th March 2020, 8 week blocks will be able to be started at any point in the year.

Here are your 8 week block options:

  • £250 upfront – 16 small group PT sessions.
  • £300 upfront – 24 small group PT sessions.
  • £350 upfront – 40 small group PT sessions.

Places on my programme are limited to 50 spaces only, and are filled on a first come first served basis.

30 day trial

Test drive my programme and ensure that you’ve chosen the programme for you. For only £100 you can choose 10 small group training sessions to attend. You will also receive a personalised nutritional guidance book on behalf of Precision Nutrition, access to a weekly 1 to 1 check in, an optional 3D body scan and 1 month FREE membership courtesy of Reform Gym.

Key Dates

My next programme starts on Monday 30th March 2020.

Places are limited and are filled on a first come first served basis. A deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Reserve your space today!